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3rd December 2022 
About Counselling. me

About Counselling

Very simply counselling gives you the space to talk and be heard. In today's busy world, it can be difficult to find time just for you, counselling can offer you room to either address a specific issue such as body confidence or explore why you keep repeating the same patterns without wanting to.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Many issues can be helped with counselling, if you're unsure whether it could help you why not take advantage of my free initial consultation to discuss this?
Specifically many are struggling with isolation, changes in the work environment like redundancy or having to retrain as well as post viral issues after COVID19. We live in extremely uncertain times and you are not expected to cope with it alone.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Whilst therapy isn't a magic wand, so to speak, it can help to improve your awareness and mood, reduce anxiety and depression, as well as many physical benefits such as better sleep. Relationships can be easier and you will gain more insight into your thoughts and feelings. Before deciding to try it, it is important to know that sometimes it can get a little worse before it gets better BUT we will always work at your pace and you will not be left with feelings that you're unable to manage.